Did you know?

• 8% of the population are either Celiac or Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitive

• It’s not just Celiacs, the largest segment of the gluten market (representing 22%) are those choosing gluten free for lifestyle reasons.

• The Gluten free products market is predicted to be 8.3 Billion by 2025 with an annualised compound growth rate of 8.1%

Why Pilling Private Label?


Pilling Private Label can help you at every stage of your Gluten Free brand strategy: from product development right through package design and distribution. 

We are your end to end or a la carte gluten free partners.


How does it work?

• You can trust us to make this a simple, and enjoyable experience for you and  your team

• Our Product Development Manager is waiting to take your call and walk you through the Pilling Private Label experience

• Our creative partners will then come on board to design your new Own Brand Gluten Free products. This team includes food standard professionals, a marketing and design team, and industry leaders in the Gluten Free trade

• This ensures you have lower overheads, competitive pricing, lower inventory costs with flexible production runs and you minimize risk

• Your Gluten Free customer gets better options and develops trust in your product, which will result in better brand loyalty 

PPL brings value to your brand with:


We are 100% Canadian owned with facilities in the GTA, making accessibility for Canadian brands a huge advantage. No border issues or compliance complications. You can come see and talk to us directly - we are right here. 


Huge selection of raw products and formulations at competitive prices.


Innovative product development team. Have an idea for a new product? Our team can help develop and bring it to market.


GFSI dedicated gluten free facility. We ONLY do gluten free and have achieved the highest food safety standards for GF, Organic and BRC.


Our robust supply chains and internal systems have given us an impeccable track record for order fulfilment. We help you maximise your profit by always having product on the shelf. 


Consumer trust for your brand. Through our certifications, you get to use the mark of the global leading Gluten Free Certification Program (GFCP). GFCP is endorsed by the Canadian Celiac Association

Your customers are searching online for Gluten Free products.

Don't miss this opportunity to bring to market your 'Own Brand' Gluten Free flours, oats, rice, and so much more.