About Us

Our Story: Simple Beginnings

Baking was a simple and enjoyable hobby for Kasia Pilling. She would bake a variety of cookies and other goods to share with her friends and family. In 2013, a close friend and local business owner of Harmony Foods Orangeville told Kasia that she wanted to sell her cookies to her customers. This started the spark of a new beginning for the Pilling family which would become the Pilling Foods we know and love today.

Over the next year, interest from other vendors peaked and started inquiring about gluten-free options for their customers. Unfamiliar with gluten-free baking at the time, Kasia began researching gluten-free dishes and discovered that not many companies provided gluten-free options. Kasia and her husband Trent wanted to help the gluten-free community and provide baked goods that accommodated their dietary needs. From this, the idea of Cookie Creations Plus began and the Pilling family created a recipe for gluten-free cookies for everyone to enjoy.

By 2015 Cookie Creations Plus was continuing to grow, and more and more vendors were asking for different gluten-free options. With the continuously growing demands for gluten-free goods, Kasia and Trent began thinking of ways they could better serve their customers and the Gluten-free community. The Pilling’s realized the best way to serve this market was to create gluten-free baking ingredients that would provide consumers with products that would enable endless gluten-free options by baking at home.

Fast Forward: Pilling Foods Today

Since then, Pilling Foods has been focusing on improving and expanding product selections for Celiac and Gluten-free individuals. As well as finding ways to innovate and simplify alternative baking by developing new gluten-free ingredient replacements.

Here at Pilling Foods, we strive to provide our consumers with healthy, wholesome and quality gluten-free ingredients. We want to spark creativity and empower those who seek a simple, healthier lifestyle.